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The Green Knight Badge:
Transparent_axe.pngThis axe represents the tool that the Green Knight offers to use for his beheading. Sir Gawain chops the head off of the knight, but because of his supernatural powers, the Green Knight picks up his head, begins to talk, and rides off on a horse awaiting Gawain for one year and a day to return the blow.
145664f83ddd5104694534b9ebc657c1.jpgThis holly branch represents the Green Knight`s connection with nature. It is also Christmas time when the knight offers a challenge to Gawain, which represents the crown and blood of Jesus. It is winter as well, where the holly branch could represent life because in winter there is typically death to mother nature.
9525596102_dbcc98d7ed_m.jpgThis picture embodies the connection between the Green Knight and nature. The foliage and green color are the make up of the Green Knight.

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"But if you are as courageous as everyone says, you will graciously grant me the game that I ask for by right."

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"Therefore it suits this knight and his shining arms, for always faithful in five ways, and five times in each case, Gawain was reputed as virtuous, like refined gold, devoid of all vice, and with all courtly virtues adorned."

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 7.37.16 PM.png
"Good morning, Sir Gawain," said that fair lady, "you are an unwary sleeper, that one can steal in here..."

Doctor Faustus Badge:

Three alternatives that could have saved Faustus:

1. Repent to God: Instead of signing the contract with Lucifer, Faustus could beg and plead to God for forgiveness. Faustus could use prayer as his outlet for communicating with God. This alternative should work and save Faustus from this contract because if you ask God for forgiveness, you are cleansed of all your sins.
2. Using Dark/Black Magic to undo the contract with Lucifer: After Faustus receives the art of dark/black magic, he is ..."as great as Lucifer" ("The Tragical" 768). With these powers and being as great and powerful as Lucifer, Faustus could undo and erase the contract from existence and would be set free from the devil himself.
3. Faustus should have listened to the Good Angel rather than the Evil Angel: The Good Angel represents the morals of 'good', in which he shares with Faustus the consequences of the contract with Lucifer. The Good Angel reminds Faustus that it is "never too late" to repent to God, so in this case, if Faustus listens, he would not have to sign the contract and would be free from sin, the Devil, and the powers of magic ("The Tragical" 772).

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"The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus." The Broadview Anthology of British Literature. Ed. Joseph Black. 2nd ed. Vol. A. Ontario: Broadview, 2012. 757-786. Print.

Mephistopheles Badge:
Mephistopheles is a fallen angel, and now devil from Hell, who exists as Lucifer`s spokesperson. He carries the terms and conditions of the contract to Doctor Faustus and communicates the messages back and forth from Faustus and Lucifer. He is an evil and conniving devil who persuades Faustus into selling his soul to Lucifer. Once Faustus sells his soul, Mephistopheles becomes his servant for twenty-four years.
tumblr_mtnca7PU4D1r3sy6wo8_500.pngThis picture represents Mephistopheles as a devil. It shows power and stature of Mephistopheles and his status of being the right-hand man to the King of Hell, Lucifer.
2528c3b28cbd1defa2424580ec9af382.jpgThis picture shows Mephistopheles as being subservient to Lucifer. He must listen and do as Lucifer says. It show some angst or fear towards Lucifer since he is controlled by this ruler of Hell.
16165.jpegThis picture displays Mephistopheles' conniving, mischievous, and cruel intentions. This picture represents the scene where he persuades Doctor Faustus to sign the contract with Lucifer. Mephistopheles is displaying some of the power that Faustus could have with the dark magic, and you can see in Faustus' face that he is really thinking hard about the decision.

The first and third picture are the most similar because it shows the power that Mephistopheles contains. They both show the powers that come with being a devil, but also a represent superiority and strength in a general sense and also over a person, such as the power he has over Faustus. On the other hand the second image stands alone because it shows the duality of roles that Mephistopheles has to play. On one hand he is strong and powerful, but on the other he is weak and a servant to someone greater, that being Lucifer. Mephistopheles falls in the middle of a hierarchy between Lucifer and Faustus.

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