Activity Outcome
  • Students will be able to reconsider methods of note-taking and attempt other ways to remember material.
Relevant Course Outcome
  • Students will be able to read works of literature closely and thoroughly.

external image Antony-Julius_Caesar-3.jpg
  • During today's discussion, instead of taking traditional notes, create a sketchnote.
  • Your sketchnote will be worth 10 Activity points, and it is your exit ticket from class.
  • For what am I looking?
    • Thoroughness
    • Understanding of material
    • Effort
    • Potential of creativity
  • After this class, for any five class periods in which you show me a sketchnote of the day's discussion, you will receive one point extra credit. In other words, you can earn up to five points of extra credit throughout the semester for completing sketchnotes in class. Simply show me your sketchnote at the end of the class period.