Beowulf is a warrior that is hired to come kill a monster grendal, he is a wonderful warriror that has did a lot of athletic things such as swim oceans and kill sea creatures.

Beowulf is very cocky, hard working and a man of his word.

" I shall carry neither sword nor shield nor coat of mail to this battle, with the grip of my hands only will I confront this enemy" - Shows that he is a strong believer of his power and his true strength.


breca showed

that he is a true sportsmen due to the fact he had to swim for 7 days and deal with dangerous monsters which shows how notorious he is ...

"seven days and nights ye toiled, one against the other, but he had the greater strength. The waves cast him ashore on the land of the hearthoram

Loves to fight : Beowulf ordered his smiths to forge a great iron war-shield to protect him from the dragon, this shows that beowulf finally met someone his match that is worthy for him to use his true power. The shield was to show a significance of faith and his last battle. Beowulf didn't have a sheild to protect him before from grendal because he knew he was a match up but now he has to deal with the fact he can't beat the dragon alone