Knight Badge!
1.) Lanval is said to be a very generous and beautiful man. He is the son of a King but is far, far away from his home so no one really paid any attention to his status. Because of this and his valor, he was envied by the King and or any of the men who served the King. I also see Lanval as a very loyal man because he falls in love with the maiden and is loyal to her even when the Queen offers her love to him. He is so loyal to the maiden that he even insults the Queens and stands up for himself in from of the King to prove his love for the maiden.

2.) In this video I chose three rules of Courtly Love and related them to Marie De France's Lanval

3.) This picture that I drew shows the scene where the Queen is upset about Lanval's insult and she is telling the King that Lanval has shamed her. The King is angered by the news and sends his men to get Lanval.


Werewolf Badge
1.) Bisclavret is described by Marie De France as a handsome knight who acted as if he was a noble man. He is very respected by all people including the King. He was also married to a worthy woman which only man him a more respected. Just like Lanval, Bisclavret is very loyal to his wife. He tells her his biggest secret in order to maintain her love and trust, instead she betrays him and plots to kill him and marry another man. However, he respects himself enough that when he finds about his wife being married to a knight he attacks her as his own revenge.

2.) This is my video taking three rules of Courtly Love and relating them to the story Bisclavret.

3.) The scene that I decided to illustrate was the scene where Bisclavret is a werewolf and approaches the King and bows and kisses his feet. The King is fascinated by the creature and figures out what is going on. I drew this scene because I thought it was funny that although the King was frightened he allowed this creature to come close enough to kiss his feet. (My werewolf did not come out as scary and terrifying as I had hoped....)

Werewolf badge.jpg