Hodges, Joshua

Fine Print.jpg
The fine print – although in the case of the Green Knight no physical fine print is involved, this image serves as an allegory to the Green Knight’s game; no one caught on to the warning signs that the odds were against the favor of anyone who would have taken up his challenge
Fingers Crossed.jpg
Crossed fingers – Both the Green Knight and Sir Gawain double-cross one another during the course of the story; the Green Knight, under the persona of Lord Bertilak, sends his wife to try and get under the covers with Gawain, while Gawain does not give Lord Bertilak the protective girdle given to him by Lady Bertilak
Headless Horseman.jpg
The Headless Horseman of Halloween – Needless to say, this is a more modern, real-world parallel to the Green Knight in the sense that it perfectly characterizes his mysterious, supernatural origin; and it goes without saying that both of their beheaded bodies are functional enough to ride their steeds without their own heads being intact.
green knight.png
And the man seated himself on horseback as firmly / As if he had suffered no injury, though headless he sat in his place
Mother Mary.png
All his fortitude should come from the five joys / That the mild Queen of Heaven found in her child. / For this reason the gracious knight had / Her image depicted on the inside of his shield / So that when he glanced at it his heart never quailed.
Then Gawain said, “Indeed, let it be as you wish / I will kiss at your bidding, as befits a knight, / And do no more, rather than displease you, so urge it no further.”