Mephistopheles Badge

The character of Mephistopheles plays an important role in the progression of the story of Dr. Faustus. He is the Devil character that Dr. Faustus summons up from hell using Black Magic. He marks the beginning of Faustus toying with Black Magic in the story. Faustus makes a pact with Lucifer for the ability to use black magic in exchange for his life years down the road and Lucifer sends Mephistopheles to watch over him. Mephistopheles is all knowing as he essentially the that day walking Devil; he serves Lucifer and lives in hell. He knows about heaven and hell and the creation of it all but refuses to tell the whole truth to Faustus. While Mephistopheles originally gives some warning about the eventual end to the contract with the devil he doesn't stop Faustus. This could be because he simply wanted to see how the life of Faustus plays out. Further indication of this can be seen when
Mephistopheles looks down upon Faustus when he is trying to repent. Many times in the story Faustus tries to apologize to God and wishes to be forgiven from being condemned by the Devil. Mephistopheles scolds him saying that he shouldn't do this and to carry out his contract to the end.
Mephistopheles is really the perfect observer to all that Faustus did while he was alive using black magic. He also helped progress the story along continuing Faustus' use of magic and keeping the contract for his eventual death.

This image of Mephistopheles has him presented looking remarkably human. He is almost dressed up as what could be considered a Knight of the Devil himself. This makes sense as he serves Lucifer in hell but he is portrayed remarkably human. There is no real indication in the text whether
Mephistopheles has the form of a human but it is a possibility.

This image of Mephistopheles also has him presented looking remarkably human. This makes me think more and more that he could have possibly taken the form of a human while up on Earth. In this painting he seems to be in the depths of hell surrounded by condemned beings. His appearance shows he has authority in hell.

Here is another image of Mephistopheles looking completely mortal. This leads me to assume that in the text he was indeed in human form while he was up on the surface servicing Faustus. In this painting he almost looks like he could be count Dracula from what he is wearing and his appearance.

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