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Description of Beowulf: Through reading the graphic novel and the original text of Beowulf I have been able to determine that Beowulf is a very tall man with unhuman strength. He is a loyal, wise man who comes from a long blood line. Through scenes in the text I have been able to determine that Beowulf has a great amount of bravery, confidence, strength, and honor.
external image 5296dcd294c3a823c891691e7f789898.jpgThis first image of Beowulf is of him fighting Grendel's mother. I find this photo interesting because throughout reading the original text and the graphic novel I had never pictured Grendel's mother as being a sea creature. I guess through the images of Grendel in the graphic novel I had thought of her to be a half human figure as well. I like how this image shows the strength that Beowulf has, but I don't like how small he looks in the photo. Through reading the original text I imagined Beowulf to be the seven foot tall man weighing almost 300lbs of all muscle and in the photo he looks like an ordinary man.
external image beowulfgrendel.jpgIn this interpretation of Beowulf I enjoyed how the artist was able to capture all of the aspects of Beowulf. In this photo he looks larger than Grendel and obviously stronger. His bravery is outlined through the obvious commotion occurring in the background and even through the monster that Grendel is. In this photo Grendel is exactly what I imagine him to be although the original author left the image of him up to interpretation I imagine Grendel to look more like a human with only a few differences. I enjoyed this illustration and how it truly captures Beowulf and his strength, courage, confidence and even how handsome he is believed to be.
external image beowulf2007-2.jpgMy final image of Beowulf is the most recent image of him created in 2007 animated film. I think that in the film other characters like Grendel's mother (played by Angelina Jolie) and Grendel are captured accurate to the text, but the character of Beowulf falls short. Although in this illustration he is handsome and brave, he lacks the unhuman strength and size that I imagine Beowulf to be.

Grendel's Mother Badge
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Throughout the original text Grendel's mother is not given a name or even that great of a description. Much like Grendel the appearance of his mother is for the readers discretion. Although her description is not that great she is believed to not be as strong as Grendel, this makes me believe that she is either smaller or older. She appears to have a violent nature, and the battle with Beowulf occurs in her home territory (a lake) she dives down to the bottom of the lake allowing me to believe she has some aquatic abilities, Beowulf's sword is unable to penetrate her, so maybe she has rough exterior like scales.

external image b88c457c700a93c4ae4ee4d06534a548.jpgIn the first picture of Grendel's mother she appears to fit many of the descriptions and images I had thought up in my head. For one she appears to be very human like, and another point being she like unhuman and elderly, but not as strong and Grendel appears to be. I think this illustration is one of the few illustrations that fits the image that I personally have created for her, but it does have it's flaws. The text said that Beowulf's sword could not penetrate her, her skin does not appear to be very tough.
external image 2d45f0450ed9120afa44a810f261aa90.jpgone way that many illustrations depict Grendel's mother to be is as a water monster type creature. This drawing fits the description of her ability to breath underwater for a long period of time, the durability of her skin not allowing Beowulf's sword to penetrate, her human characteristics as well as her strength in comparison to Grendel. In this specific photo she also appears to be violent which she is written to be in the original text. Although the text describes her as being violent I had never truly imagined her to be a monster I had always imagined her as a very beautiful character.
external image latest?cb=20110508160033The last image is an image taken from the 2007 animated film where Angelina Jole plays a version of Grendel's mother. Much like Grendel, the original author left the description of his mother vague for the reader to create at will. I enjoy this illustration because it shows the image of Grendel's mother that would be most appealing to Beowulf and would draw him in. Grendel's mother appears to be a deceitful character and I like the idea that her body form changes to what each person desires, much like the intent of the original text you could create the monster to appear in whatever way fit the readers biggest fears.

Doctor Faustus Badge:

In the contract with Lucifer is the three alternatives that I have created for Doctor Faustus. In these alternatives is the option for him to complete the actions and not have his soul taken by Lucifer.

Petrarchan Sonnet

What a wild world our minds manipulate
With light and sound this world we exist
So that our vast imagination might so persist
With other opinions we will stipulate
Despite the similarities we vividly emanate
So with the idea of perfection this populous will consist
Of indescribable infinite routs to our unfulfilled bliss
Until the inability to quench the thirst conceals our fate.

But with the answers we do find
We find excitement joy and peace
For we know these feelings are not just within our mind
But in our heart and soul which will never flounder or crease
So we hold tight to the feeling and remain purposefully blind
To the troubled word of which we are but a small a piece

Shakespearean Sonnet

His eyes were the window to his soul
His hands were the passage to his heart
Loving him for eternity was the goal
Never to leave his side. Never apart

The sweat of his brow was a cast of his grace
His silhouette was the conduit of his mystery
His perfect smile swallowed up most of his face
With him I my pain is deduced to history

He bears the scars of past experiences
Not just on his skin but in his memory
I do not judge him based on appearances
I adore him and all of his glory

He is my everything, and with him I can
He is my everything, he is my man

Wild Card Sonnet

With the semester coming to a close
I think of my time spent and what I have learned
I remember stories I’ve read and things I’ve learned I suppose
But I really think of how my grades were not just earned
But given gracefully by teachers that compose
With grades coming in I’m happy I wasn’t burned

A big thank you goes out to all of my teachers
With out them I would not have come this far
I would just be sitting on the bleachers
Of the proverbial game of life thus far
I’m thankful for this school and all of its features
Like how it got me to age 21 and I can go to the bar

But I’ve written enough and this poem should end
Thanks again for the knowledge even though some of it is pretend