Beowulf - Corey Hayashi

The character of Beowulf to me is what can be considered the perfect hero. In the Beginning of the poem "Beowulf" he is just a powerful warrior called upon to get rid of the monster Grendel. He is still very young at this point in time and is just exploring his heroic tendencies. Before entering his fight with Grendel he first makes a reputation for himself by killing Breca the Sea Monster. This is what gets him to be called upon to handle the problem of Grendel that had been plaguing everyone. He handles Grendel with relative ease asserting himself as the courageous hero that he is. He continues on his heroic battle path by next taking on Grendel's mother. He kills and beheads her in her layer taking the head as a token of his victory. Finally to finish off his heroic tale he goes down fighting a dragon as an elderly King. At this point in the story Beowulf is a wise King looking to protect his people from the Dragon. Unfortunately this is here he dies in the story, he goes out doing what he loves, fighting courageously and heroically for all.

beowulf 1.jpg
This depiction of Beowulf is extremely in depth and graphic. It is nothing like our graphic novel as it is meant to be somewhat realistic in its representation. Here Beowulf is holding onto the head of Grendel's mother symbolizing his victory over the wicked beast.

beowulf 2.png

This depiction of Beowulf is cartoon like and differs very much from our version of the graphic novel. In this depiction Beowulf is drawn with armor which did not happen in the original version of the tale; he fought without weapons or armor to make the fight fair. There is also a sword in the picture which seems to be Beowulf's, and as we all know he did not use it to rip off Grendel's arm.

beowulf 3.jpg

This is another depiction of the end of Beowulf's battle with Grendel. This is the most similar picture to the one from our graphic novel and follows all the details of the story, Beowulf is naked and weaponless as he rips off the monster Grendel's arm. Grendel however is portrayed as much more human looking than he is in our version of the story.

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