Mephistopheles is a supernatural demon that is determined to manipulate Faustus into joining the side of Lucifer, who is the leader of the underworld. Mephistopheles is an advocate for Faustus to join him in hell, but that does not mean Mephistopheles enjoys following Lucifer. He rather be in heaven, and weep the benefits of the "eternal joys of heaven" (1.3.75-78). Mephistopheles is a complicated character to analyze. His motive at first is to convince Faustus to join Lucifer, but at the end of the story, he is seen convincing Faustus to join God. The reason may have to do with his own personal experience living in hell. He wants Faustus to walk a righteous, and not make the same mistakes as he did. Even though Mephistopheles is entwine with Lucifer, he still has some good in him.

external image latest?cb=20110716110821This image of Mephistopheles explains his connection with Lucifer. He is depicted as a demon like creature found in the depths of hell. The differences in this picture compared to the others is that Mephistopheles is portrayed as an evil image. This picture connects to the text because it represents his motives in the beginning of Doctor Faustus.

external image faustus.jpegThis image of Mephistopheles depicts him having a conversation with Faustus. This takes place after Faustus is visited by a good and bad angel in Doctor Faustus. The differences in this picture is that he is seen as friendly character compared to the previous picture.

external image download-88302-Mephistopheles-Over-Wittenberg-(From-Goethe's-Faust) Mephistopheles in this picture is a supernatural creature that can fly. It relates to the original text because it confirms that he is indeed a fallen angel. The differences between this images and the previous two is that he has the ability to fly because of his wings.

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Armada Badge

Hello love ones,

I'm writing you this letter to inform you about the inspirational speech that I was honored enough to attend. Queen Elizabeth's eloquent speech to the Troops at Tilbury was one to remember. Her words of wisdom brought me much joy about our wonderful country. Fear no evil family, our beautiful country of England will not be harmed by any other nation in the world. As long as Queen Elizabeth lives we shall not fall, because we are led by the heart of a true king embodied in a women. What a time to be alive family! Keep God close to your heart, and pray for our troops, so that we shall be victorious over England's enemies of Parma or Spain.

Brian Amaral

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Sir Thomas More
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Sir Thomas More influenced early modern literature by utilizing his imagination in his famous book Utopia. He was one of the first people to write about a perfect society. His knowledge explains that everyone's idea of a perfect society is different. It would be impossible to please everyone in a utopia. His book focuses on the individuals dream of a utopia state of mind and how it would be possible to create. His influence in this time era opened the door for other authors to write about new stories that involve amusement and not about life lessons.